How it's not the surface choices we need to be obsessed with, but rather the reasons that made them right.
We're doomed to keep glossing over mental health until we start acknowledging this.
Finding the ground you can hang onto, even when the world is hellbent on throwing endless curveballs.
Whether you're a writer or an early stage founder, your job is to "find the heat" - the only bits that readers and users care about - and double down onโ€ฆ
The folly of believing that the first will help you conquer the second.
Thoughts on the beautiful, profoundly inextricable circle created by the arts and sciences that make life worth living.
Itโ€™s a gorgeous, crisp, sunshine filled PNW morning - pretty much your prototypical fall morning. But the smoke from wildfires that have set the earthโ€ฆ
Why humility, speed and user insight are all you need to be a great Product CEO.
This is the age of miracles and madness. We stumble about, dizzy from displacement. We canโ€™t understand the cracks and crevices that have split open ourโ€ฆ
Midnight musings.
My obsession for needing to know "How much longer" has lead me further down the path of questions, not answers.
Repetition doesn't bore them. It delights them.